About Kassmo Products

Save money on your printed items. No other company has the background or experience when it comes to providing product for triathlon, running and promotional events. Contact us today 800-888-8976 or [email protected] .

We love technology but nothing beats a phone call to completely understand the needs of our clients. Call us today at 800-888-8976.

If you are limited on time – send an email – provide any competitor quote for a free analysis. We will either save you money or congratulate you on locating a quality vendor. We have 23 years lowering costs and as a manufacturing and direct print company we are what are competitors are not… See what we can do for you.

Kassmo Products™ is now part of Ricky Brands, LLC a unique hybrid company that combines the benefits of OEM manufacturing, domestic printing and worldwide sourcing. No other company has this experience or expertise. We are the only one source solution for active lifestyle events.

We are a domestic and international OEM manufacturer and direct print company, of event branded logo apparel and hard goods. We also have a full promotional products division to meet any need.

25 years of event specific experience, we meet our deadlines, compete on price and provide superior quality goods and services. Ask for a referral. Our team understands events. We were not created as a graphics company, or a promotional company. Our roots are in manufacturing. We like to make things an we are the best at what we do!

Kassmo Products™ has been a vendor to many national brands like IronMan, PepsiCo, Zoot, TYR Sports, IronKids, BodyGlide,K2, and many more. Our primary products are time tested and backed by our quality, price and delivery guarantees. We bring purchasing power and expertise to drive costs down and quality up. Review our Products page to see some of our core products for a successful triathlon, running or sporting event: shirts, tents, medals, swim caps, bibs – just to name a few.

We don’t attempt to list every product or showcase every success but we are happy to provide referrals, samples, and pictures. Just ask.

Discounts are provided. If you are a non-profit, event sponsor, or retailer that supports events, savings can be earned with volume discounts, multiple product discounts and pre-season ordering opportunities. Our individual relationship driven approach ensures the best possible result. We view our role as your product partner versus product provider. We make decisions based on integrity and will continue our tradition of being a a quality drive, price aware, date guaranteed partner.

Your Kassmo Customer Service team is prepared to meet your needs. Remember, if it can be printed we can probably help.

Call 800-888-8976 or email us [email protected] to get started!

We appreciate your interest and look forward to partnering with you!

Richard Spencer

President of Kassmo Products™ a RickyBrands, LLC company