How do I place an order?

First, contact us via phone or email to speak with a sales representative. Choose your products, send us your artwork, receive art approval, then confirm your order.

Can you help me design a product?

Of course! We are happy to help you choose colors, logo placement, serious or wacky designs to create the custom product right for you. Just call our customer service agents to get started.

What art file formats are acceptable?

Our preferred format is Adobe Illustrator. We can accept .eps, and a high-resolution jpeg (300 dpi) saved at actual print size. Vectored art is always the best. We can send out art for cleaning and vectoring. There is a small fee but we always provide the finished logo to our clients.

How clear will the image on the products be?

The resulting image on the product will not be as clear as a printed picture or design since printing on cloth or plastic is lower resolution than printing on paper. Images printed on products are good quality, but not as detailed or crisp as an original photograph. Our dye sublimated printing process is as crisp as art provided, vivid and bold.

How do you ship my products?

We use common carriers such as UPS, FedEx or DHL, unless otherwise requested upon order confirmation.

How many colors can I use in my design?

Every product has certain print limitations. We will be happy to review each item to ensure maximum print exposure.

What if I have to change my design after I've placed an order?

Design changes are allowed as long as the product has not gone to print. This may incur additional charges, however, and the original delivery date may not be met. Once the product has gone to print, no changes can be made.

What is the minimum number of products per order?

Items like tents can be ordered as a single item, swim caps as low as 24 and sports bottles at 100 units. Contact us directly on any product and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I choose different color products with the same design on the same order?

Yes. Different color swim caps may be used with the same design, as well as many other items. The minimum order requirement is based on each item and the total number ordered, regardless of the colors.

Can I make different designs on the same order?

Different designs can be printed on multiple locations, depending on the item. For example a swim cap can print a different logo on each side but requires two separate screen charges whereas a bottle with the same two logos printed the same color only requires one screen charge. Each item has print limitations.

What is the expected delivery time?

Depending on which option you choose (Standard or Rush), the expected delivery time is between 7-21 days from the time of placing the order. Please note, that no refunds will be offered for delays in delivery due to problems on the shipping company’s end. More time is always better.

What if my order arrives damaged or looking different from what I've agreed to?

Your money will be refunded if your product is materially flawed or not designed as specified on the final order sheet. Defective goods must be reported within 10 days from the date the goods were received. We recommend a quick review the same day product is delivered.

Who pays for incoming Customs and Duty Charges?

Kassmo Products is not responsible for Customs and Duty Charges incurred by the client upon receipt of the product into his or her country. We do our best to include all charges and quote many of our items with a “delivered” price to help our clients budget final costs.

Do you charge tax on international orders?

Sales tax is charged only on orders within the United States and its territories and where applicable.

Is it safe to order through your site with my credit card?

Security is a priority for Kassmo. We use 128-bit encryption so that your credit card details are secure. As an additional security measure, the billing and shipping addresses must match in order to make a purchase with a credit card. Advance authorization must be received for orders where these do not match.